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Words of the Aya Sisters

A Beautiful Night Scenery

29 April
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We are miangel and ze z-chic, two sisters completely crazy about K-Pop and love to write fanfictions! We'll be posting our fanfictions here. Some will be one/two-shots/drabblers or even chaptered stories. Feel free to comment on the stories or just leave a comment about K-Pop that you want to talk about with us.

A little individual info:

ze z-chic
Fave pairing: EunHae! KiMin! YooSu! OnKey! GRi! KhunYoung! JooMi! KiWoon! KeMaru! (lol my OTPS adds each time i get to know a band >.<)
Fave members of group: CHANGMIN!!! DONGHAE!!! ONEW!!! GDRAGON!!! JUNSU(2PM)!!! JOON!!! KIKWANG!!! KISEOP!!!
Specialty: Fluff and Romantic Comedy

Fave pairing: SiHan, KiMin! QMI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fave members of groups: Hangeng, Kyuhyun, Jaejoong, Minho, Daesung, Taeyang, Junho, Doojoon, Seungho,....
Specialty: Tragedy, Drama.....basically, angst.

Because our fave members in Suju are Donghae and Hankyung, thus the icon/pic. We're not big HanHae fans. We love KiMin!!!!!!!!

That's all for now....

Lots of love,

miangel & ze z-chic